Symposium on “Urbanization in OIC Member Countries: Challenges and Prospects”
Date : 27-29 March 2018 Venue : Istanbul Turkey

SESRIC in collaboration with Trade Union of Municipal and Private Administration Employees Solidarity (BEM-BİR-SEN) will organize a symposium on “Urbanization in OIC Member Countries: Challenges and Prospects” on 27-29 March 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The main purpose of the symposium is to discuss the existing urbanization situation, trends, and patterns in OIC Member Countries. It will highlight the impact of urbanization patterns on urban infrastructures and services, planning and design, housing, transportation, resilience, climate change and among others as well as institutional responses to the urbanization impact, governance, and challenges.

The symposium also is expected to discuss the framework on Islamic city model by sharing existing municipal best practices from Islamic cities among the OIC Member States, in order to help identify, compile and disseminate to all municipalities in the OIC Member States. The aim is to create a platform where best experiences are shared and practical knowledge and ability are discussed with a view to enhancing urbanization practices and providing better services for the OIC citizens. Other aspects of urbanizations will also be discussed such as water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, urban governance, urban heritage, urban regeneration etc.