Medical Observership Programme for Palestinian Doctors
Date : 01-26 April 2019 Venue : Istanbul Turkey

SESRIC, in collaboration with Doctors Worldwide, will organize a 4-week Medical Observership Programme for 2 Palestinian Doctors between 1-26 April 2019 at Zeynep Kamil Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey.

The observership programme will give doctors the opportunity to improve their medical skills in gynecology through watching procedures and surgeries, as well as attending patient rounds and teaching conferences.

The Programme is organised within the framework of the Medical Training Programme. By organising several observership visits with doctors and technical staff, the Programme aims to improve the medical human capacities of various countries. The WHO Global Health Observatory and 2030 forecast report (2013) estimates that the demand for health workers will grow up to 55 percent by 2023.