Training & Technical Cooperation Department

SESRIC is the focal point for implementing and promoting coordination among relevant institutions in enhancing training activities in the OIC Member States, and plays a central role in enhancing cooperation network among the OIC Member States. To this end, the Training and Technical Cooperation Department undertakes strong and close cooperation and collaboration with the most relevant international and regional organisations in the field of training and technical cooperation with a view to provide high-level training opportunities to people from OIC Member States. In doing so, the Department organises short-term training courses, workshops and seminars in various fields and areas of interest to the member countries.

The OIC Vocational Education and Training Programme (OIC-VET) is a programme designed by the Centre in order to improve the quality of vocational education and training (VET) in the public and private sectors with the aim of supporting and enhancing the opportunities for individuals in the member countries to develop their knowledge and skills and thus to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the economies. It aims at improving the competencies and skills of the people according to the needs and priorities of labour markets through intra-OIC partnerships at institutional level. The Programme focuses on increasing accessibility and raising the quality of VET, and provides an opportunity for organizations involved in VET to build OIC partnerships, exchange best practices, increase the expertise of their staff and develop the skills and competencies of the participants. The Centre assumes the role of Executing Organ of the OIC-VET Programme.

The Department also undertakes the Capacity Building Programme (CBP) regarding the needs and capacities of the Central Banks, and Capital Markets Authorities in the member states. The Programme is based on the analyses of these needs and capacities through the responses of the related questionnaires, and sending experts among these countries to perform the needed training programmes. Ever since 1981, the Centre has been organising short-term training programmes and workshops in selected fields of interest to the OIC Member States, in collaboration with national, regional and international institutions. Towards this end, the Centre also collaborates with the UN Specialised Agencies which provides technical support to the Centre for the realisation of its training programmes and workshops.

Training and Technical Cooperation Department has been also preparing a bulletin on the "Training Opportunities in the Member Countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation", since 1986. The bulletin is based on the realisation that a more efficient and wider use of training facilities existing in the OIC Member States could be brought about by enabling individuals from certain Member States to participate in the training programmes conducted by peer institutions in the other ones. Thus, the primary objective of the bulletin is to provide detailed and timely information on training programmes scheduled to be organised and conducted by various training institutions in the OIC Member States. The Centre has recently decided to develop this highly valued project (TROP) a step further by fully transforming its annual bulletin into a fully-automated process in which participation of the training institutions in the member states is enabled more efficiently. By assigning unique username & password, each training institution is given online access to this TROP Management Panel, so that they are themselves enabled to maintain, monitor and update information about available training programmes and ongoing activities of their institutions. Being a product of this e-bulletin the Directory of Training Institutions includes a comprehensive collection of related training institutions.

The Department also prepares the Training Cooperation E-Newsletter to inform visitors about all training and technical cooperation activities undertaken either by SESRIC or in collaboration with other regional and international institutions. The Training Cooperation E-Newsletter is a new semi-annual periodical of SESRIC targeting policy-makers, government officials, statistical organisations, central banks, capital markets authorities, and research and training institutions specifically in the OIC community and all other organisations and institutions of common interest worldwide. The E-Newsletter provides news on activities of training institutions and to that end provides in-depth information on best-practices achieved in the OIC Member States.

Training and Technical Cooperation Department also actively involves and participates in the regular OIC-UN Coordination Meetings with a view to promote and enhance cooperation with the related UN Agencies, aiming at organizing joint activities that would add to the specialisation efforts of experts in general and play an important role in the improvement of human capital in member countries.