SESRIC - Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries

The Message of Director General Musa Kulaklıkaya

Dear Visitor,

As you may have noticed, we have actively continued to keep you posted on new developments about SESRIC through our website. In these days that we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of SESRIC’s establishment, our website, including its English version, is undergoing a comprehensive updating process that includes our mobile applications and state-of-art web technologies.

SESRIC, celebrating the 40thanniversary of its establishment, continues its works to contribute to the improvement of living standards of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States’ people.

Geographically dispersed over four continents, and with 1.8 million population, the OIC Member Countries have different development levels. The OIC Member Countries are endowed with a high potential in terms of human resources as they host the highest young population with 52 percent. However; university enrollment rate in OIC Member Countries falls down to 24.8 percent. While the OIC countries possess almost 60% of the world’s total proven oil reserves and 61.2% of the world’s proven natural gas reserves, they have only 3.5 percent share in world’s high technology export. While the female literacy rate rises to 82.8 percent, unfortunately, female labor force participation rate is only 39.5 in OIC MCs.

These facts alone prove the need for solidarity and cooperation for building capacity in the needed areas by identifying and sharing best practices examples among the Member Countries.

In this regard, SESRIC:

Assumes an important role for the establishment of a strong cooperation mechanism among the Member Countries by providing statistical data and publishing research reports on Member Countries in order to reveal their potential , and serves as a reliable reference and a databank for both policy makers and researchers,
Serves as a cooperation platform for experience and knowledge sharing for the Member Countries,
Functions as a window to the world by contributing to the establishment of communication and cooperation with the rest of the world while focusing on sustainable development of the Member Countries.
Undertakes the mission of facilitating the mobilization of Member Countries’ resources, particularly human resources, to ensure sustainable development and unite the parties.

Each member’s contribution to this solidarity and cooperation initiative matters. Remarkable efforts and contributions made by our host country, Turkey, by not only facilitating operations of our Center, but also all other areas within the OIC system, are applauded by OIC Member Countries.

Dear visitor,

We welcome all your constructive comments and suggestions for a more user-friendly SESRIC website.

Ambassador Musa KULAKLIKAYA
Director General